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PPA Golden Emblem

About the "PPA Golden Emblem" award

The "PPA Golden Emblem" is a lifetime award. The recipient will be selected by the incumbent executive committee led by President. To receive this award he should be a member of PPA who has contributed immensely toward the Past Prefects' Association and Zahira College.

Award Recipients

  • 2012 - Shahey Faleel
  • 2014 - Ramzeen Slamath

Award Recipients

Shahey Faleel

  • - Founder President of the Past Prefects' Association
  • - Life member of PPA
  • - President - 2003/2006
  • - President - 2007/2008
  • - President - 2009/2010

The "PPA Golden Emblem" award presented to Mr. Shahey Faleel at the PPA Annual Dinner 2012 and Teachers Recognition Ceremony on 30th March 2012 at the Water Edge, Battaramulla by the Past Presidents of PPA Mr. Rizmi Marzook, Mr. Roshan Razik and the incumbent President Mr. Mohamed Fazil

Ramzeen Slamath

  • - Instrumentally involved to inaugurate the Past Prefects' Association and a founder of PPA
  • - Life member of PPA
  • - Founder Project Chairman of Zahira Super 16 Soccer 7s - 2005
  • - Hony. General Secretary - 2006/2007
  • - Hony. General Secretary - 2007/2008
  • - Hony. General Secretary - 2008/2009
  • - Hony. General Secretary - 2010/2011
  • - Vice President - 2011/2012
  • - President - 2012/2013
  • - Chief in charge of all designing concepts of PPA events and projects

The "PPA Golden Emblem" award presented to M.Ramzeen Slamath at the PPA Annual Dinner 2014 and Teachers Recognition Ceremony "Dinner of the Decade" on 5th April 2014 at the Hilton, Colombo by the Education Minister Hon. Bandula Gunawardana with the presence of founder president Mr. Shahey Faleel and incumbent president Mr. Nilhar Nawaz.